The Copper Kitchen

I am going to state, for the record, that I am far from a food critic. If you are one of those amazing foodies who knows when there is a hint of saffron and a whiff of citrus in a dish, then this is probably not the blog post for you. A whiff of citrus? Yeah, not really a thing. I will tell you, though, that our experience at The Copper Kitchen in Holladay, Utah was lovely, and for a mom that only gets date nights occasionally, a lovely evening is a great thing.

First off, get a reservation. We sort of threw this date night together last minute so we showed up hoping that we would be good to go. We were told it was a 45 minute wait but I had already fallen in love with their wallpaper in the waiting area so I decided the wait would be worth it (Seriously, this wallpaper is adorable and I tried to convince my Hubs that it would look great in a library he is going to build for me. I am still working on that).

As soon as I saw Beef Bourguignon on the menu I set that menu right back down. No need to look at anything else.


My husband went for the Steak Frites and while he said it was good, I will tell you that he was eyeing my dish enviously the entire meal. Don’t worry, I shared.


This meal was incredible, so incredible that I said incredible to my husband at least three times. So incredible that I have been eagerly searching for the perfect recipe to try and match this experience. While I am sure this won’t happen, I am excited that I now have the perfect use for all that stew meat my rancher in-laws so awesomely pack into my freezer for me. Also, I learned from my meal that having thick noodles is a key part of what made this dish so perfect. Note to self for when I attempt this.

The waiter was very attentive. I have a sneaking suspicion that he felt we were somehow enjoying our Cheese & Meat Board incorrectly, because he kept asking us if we had questions about it.


Should I have had questions about it? I don’t know, but if he thought we were doing something wrong, he was pretty nice about it.

Check out that wallpaper behind the Hubs decked out with amazing vintage landscape paintings. Library perfect I tell you.


If you are looking for a delightful little date night, this is your place. I obviously will recommend the Beef Bourguignon because I can’t really vouch for anything else. It was delicious and romantic, two of the things I want in my date night dinner.




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