Top 10 Ginger Approved Beauty Products

Being the youngest in a family gives you an advantage in life, having wild teenage older sisters (cough cough book savvy sister).  You learn what not to do and how to use that to make your parents love you more and buy you more things. That is my ultimate secret and now my mom will read this and know that my status as an angel child had an alternative motive to getting more toys.  I suppose the best thing in having older siblings would be their sometimes cruel, but in a loving way, no barriers honesty.  They would say things like, “Ginger I would quit dance, you have no rhythm.” Or “Ginger, God created make up for a reason, you should wear it.” I suppose what I’m getting at is the one piece of wisdom that I have gained from them is my great love of make up and they are right I look really good with make up on.

I have been asked by many people what my favorite make up products are. I have a list of my top 10 beauty products that have Ginger’s stamp of approval to kick off 2016. Now, caution, just because these products work for me doesn’t mean you will adore them as well. Everyone is different; they have different skin types dry, oil etc.

Now people think it’s horrible to spend a lot of money on expensive make up and when I say expensive I mean like $30 on an eye shadow kit but let me be clear, I don’t buy my make up all at once. I buy it slowly and when I need it. I also wait for Sephora to have their 20% off all store merchandise, which happens every season, so sign up to get their rewards card to get the email. My expensive eye shadow kit has lasted me almost 2 years. My pharmacy brand lasted me about 2 months and it’s around $10.  High quality Make up will last you a long time. Can you hear my rant?

Now for the make up brands you have been waiting for…

#10. Vaseline


Now I know what you’re thinking what Vaseline? Well let me tell you I use Vaseline as a great Make up remover and moisturizer. I dab a little bit on my eye lids and rub around (eyes closed of course) and take a tissue and wipe it off. If gets everything off so you don’t have to use those oils in make up removers.  You can use any petroleum jelly but Vaseline is my go to brand. Target sells it for $3.49.

#9. Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay

eye shadow primer

Seriously guys, it must be a potion. This is the best eyeshadow primer on the market there was a time when I didn’t use a primer and my eyes lids would get an oil crease and my eyeshadow would get all smudged. Until I met this primer. Another thing about a good eye shadow primer is you get a great pigment of color from you eyeshadow so if you don’t have a quality eyeshadow this will help. Sephora sells it in a 16 oz mini version for $12.

#8. Color Balm Lipstick by Stila

steila lip

I love this lipstick. It does the trick when you want a good moisturizer and great color pigment. The lipstick last hours and I have had my lipstick for over 2 years and I’m not even half way close to finishing it off. I got mine at Sephora for $22 but Stila doesn’t have a station so check Nordstrom’s or Online.

#7. Beauty Blender

beauty blender

I used to do the whole rub the foundation in with your hand kind of thing until I found the Beauty blender which gives you a flawless finish. This blender lasts forever, all you need to do is clean it. You can get it at Sephora for $20.

#6. Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills


Eyebrows seem to be the most ignored feature but with Brow Wiz it will help shape and make you look good. You can get it at Sephora for $21.

#5. Natural Matte Eye Palette by Too Faced

eye shadow

This eyeshadow has a great color palette not to mention it gives you pictures and how-to’s for certain looks like smoky, natural etc. Check it out at Sephora for $36.

#4. Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner by Stila


I love love love this eye liner it goes on so well and stays on forever. Now if you haven’t tried liquid eye liner I would start with this one. You can get at Sephora for $22.

#3. Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Make Up for Ever


This is a great foundation but like I said before especially with foundation just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. I get mine at Sephora and what’s best is that Sephora will color match and find the perfect shade for you. Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is $43.

#2. Triple Sec 3-in-1 by Drybar

dry hair

Now let me be clear anything by Drybar is amazing and makes my hair look fresh like I walked out of a salon. They come out with mini versions too. This Triple Sec is a dry shampoo, hair shine, texture lift all in one. Its I get mine at Sephora; you can try a little bottle for $13 or a full size for $26.

#1. Roller Curl Mascara by Benefit

roller lash

Best Mascara to date. I have long eyelashes so what I look for is a great mascara that makes them thicker and curl and this does the trick. Not only do they curl without an eyelash curler but stay curled. In fact when I have been wearing this mascara people have asked me if I have fake eyelashes.  I get mine at Sephora for $24.

Last piece of advice when you shop at Sephora they will give you as many samples as you want so you can try these awesome products at home. What are your top 10 beauty products?




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