Limited Edition Cookies

Happy Christmas week! I’m currently in Portland partying hard with my family. We do everything from Zoo lights, watching Christmas cooking specials, reenacting The Nutcracker with my three year niece as my Nephew comes in doing taekwondo moves, to grocery shopping with my parents (which weirdly is my favorite thing to do with them) as I watch them buy items for a cheese plate. All in all, it has been a great time so far.

One tradition that we do is make cookies to put out to Santa, jk we haven’t done that in years, but regardless my mom decided to purchase a boxed cookie mix from Wal-Mart (all hail Wal-Mart).

I know what you are thinking? Come on Ginger what about homemade cookies. Well these aren’t just any cookies these are limited edition holiday cookies that are Candy Canes. Don’t be jealous I will tell you more about it. First I studied the box and the one thing popped out was it discouraged you from eating raw dough. Wtf that is the best part so that kind of made me a little nervous.


The second thing I notice what was the flavoring of the cookie. Was it a sugar cookie? Candy Cane? I guess Candy Cane should have given me a hint as to what the flavoring is, which doesn’t appeal to me. Regardless it smelled weird as you can tell by my suspicious look I have in my eyes as I smelled the bowl.


When creating the cookies you take out the two bags of ingredients -one was white and the other was pinkish red color- and stick them in separate bowls, add half a stick of butter to each bowl and one tablespoon of water. (again why can’t we eat the dough?)


Mix together. From there I measured out each mixture in teaspoons and rolled out like snakes. I then twisted them together and curved the top to the right to look like Candy Canes.

I baked them to 375 degrees for 10 minutes. What came out was Christmas magic; well not really they don’t look like the picture because they flattened out. My dog Lucy was not impressed.


I was nervous to taste them and surprisingly they were good, not great, but good.They were more sugar cookie with a slight hint of a peppermint flavor; in fact if I didn’t have knowledge of the candy cane flavoring I would have assumed that it was just a sugar cookie with a funky aftertaste.


It was an interesting holiday cookie experience. Tomorrow I get to go to the Heathman Hotel to have a Christmas tea party with my Sisters.




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