Book on my Bedside Table: The Girl on the Train

I picked The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins to read because:

a) I was strongly influenced by Mindy Kaling’s Instagram pic of her reading The Girl on a Train while riding a train.

b) a few days later Ginger mentioned she had read it because her book savvy sister recommended it.

Two recommendations are enough for me. I read books based on word of mouth or because my book club tells me to- ahem Game of Thrones (I can’t even lie, I loved Game of Thrones and can’t wait to read the next one so I shouldn’t even pretend to be put out by that one). But anyways, back to The Girl on the Train

Rachel is deeply envious of a couple she happens to see everyday while on her train ride to London. Their house borders the train tracks and when she passes she gets little glimpses into their daily lives. One day she sees something shocking and quickly gets herself tangled in this mystery that she has made her own through her weird, borderline stalking of this couple. 

If I could come up with an alternative title to this it would be The Girl who is a Train Wreck. I can’t even talk about how many horrible choices the main character Rachel makes in this book. Poor choices happen and I just keep right on reading and can’t stop myself. I yelled at Rachel a lot in my head to please lock up her phone when she drinks because the drunk dialing is out of control in this book. 

The book is a thriller and Paula Hawkin’s pacing was masterfully done.  The Girl on the Train kept me guessing much longer than many others. If you want a book with betrayal, mystery at an edge-of-your-seat pace, this one is for you. Only start it if you have a half a day to finish it, though, because you won’t want to set it down and you might resort to trying to simultaneously read and change diapers. I can tell you that this is a bad idea.









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