Fa la la la la la la la…Christmas Shopping

One of my favorite things is to find gifts for people. I treat it like a sport and am always giving advice to people asking me what they should get for a significant other. So, I decided to write “how to” on finding the perfect gift, whether it be a host gift, a boyfriend gift, a co-worker gift, etc.

When I buy gifts, I try to think about a few things, such as conversations we have had in the past, inside jokes or hobbies that they are into, and try to determine what they want, not necessarily what they need. I like to give items that they wouldn’t give themselves.

For example, if you are going over to your aunt’s house for the holidays, or whoever is hosting a holiday dinner, I like to bring an Anthropologie candle. They smell amazing, especially Volcano, but they also have a lot of amazing seasonal candles. The price for these candles range from $12 to $28 depending on the size.

For a friend who is crafty, I thought the embroidery  of her initial and a flower that also starts with her initial was super cute (link here).


My coworker once asked me what she should get her mother-in-law.  I asked her a few simple questions such as, does she like to cook? Is she more home-style or a fancy foodie? Does she prefer baking over cooking? Whether you like cooking or not, cookbooks are great gifts with recipes, stories and glorious pictures of food not only stimulate your eyes but can also make for a great coffee table book. If your Mother-in-Law is more home-style, I would recommend the Pioneer Women. If she is a foodie, then try I Know How to Cook  by Ginette Mathiot (you can get it here).


I would also recommend getting an apron or some measuring spoons from Anthropologie.

Now, your special man, brother, cousin, Dad, and/or Uncle can be some of the hardest gifts. For instance my brother (who isn’t reading this blog because he doesn’t know it exists) has a lush beard, so I decided to give him the Handsome Chap Beard Kit.

beard kit

I got it at Urban Outfitters here.

Urban Outfitters has some funny gifts such as the Game of Thrones Monopoly (that I know a certain coworker’s husband would like), funny T-shirts and a great selections of random books.

My brother and I share a lot of the same tastes, so it’s fun to give a gift that both of us would understand, like the Doctor Who Sonic screwdriver (that you can purchase at Barnes Noble here). We both love Doctor Who and have bonded over it.

I also love to give quirky gifts and find a lot of them in these stores Nordstrom’s shop Wit & Wonder, Anthropologie, Lush, Urban Outfitters  and of course random local boutiques. I sometimes even buy stuff that I know a certain person would love, months in advance.

If you still are stuck here are some gift ideas that are hot this holiday season, Copper mugs, candles, Selfie Sticks, Self-Balancing Board (totally want one), Illustrated Pride and Prejudice, Dr. Martens Women’s Chelsea Boot size 8.5 (again a great gift for Ginger), and so much more.

Regardless, gift giving is all about the response of the receiver, when they open the gift, will they gush, will they laugh, will they cry. Giving the best gift makes me happier then receiving a gift because I’m competitive and always have to give the best gift. Happy Shopping!




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