Fotofly Santa Review

So I took Titan to visit Santa at the mall last week = FAIL. I had to hold him the entire time and he was only able to work up the courage to give Santa a high-five, which is all find and dandy, but I don’t really want to pay a bunch of money to get a photo of my traumatized kid screaming on a stranger’s lap. I mean, sure, I would traumatize him for a free photo, cause it’s funny, but that’s not really an option.

Then I heard about Fotofly Santa. Ummm, genius. For $35, you get to dress up as Santa and take magical photos of your child/children. And guess what… they aren’t scared! (Cause it’s you.)

Here are some of our pics.

Three Whims: Fotofly Santa Review

Three Whims: Fotofly Santa Review


Three Whims: Fotofly Santa Review

What I love:

  • Rights to all digital images so you can print as many as you want, wherever you want
  • Not seeing Santa’s face in the photos, so all the focus is on the child
  • Props, background, etc. are perfect and adorable
  • No waiting in line
  • Slick process, I think we were there for 15 minutes max
  • Free cookies for the child (this is the only thing that got Titan to cooperate)

Not my favorite:

  • You only get 2 poses (and they are pretty stingy about it), but if you want something specific and tell them upfront, they will definitely do it for you
  • The process is so slick, that Titan had no time to adjust to the new space and environment, which made him difficult to work with. Not every kid needs that time to adjust and be comfortable, but Titan had a really hard time. You can tell he is all angry in some of the photos, but I didn’t really mind because I think it is funny and love it anyway.

What am I going to do with these photos, you might ask? Frame them and put them up in our house every year as part of the Christmas decorations. I’ve already got one in our main room and Titan loves to look at it and talk about Santa. Favorite Christmas decoration of all!




4 thoughts on “Fotofly Santa Review

  1. Anna S

    I love so much that this is you in a Santa suit! That cracks me up! These photos are soooo magical, I love them! I wonder if they have something similar near me. If so, I HAVE to do this! Santa photos near us are $40, and I don’t want her to be cranky pants in them… I want them to be cute!


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