A Secret Wannabe Ballerina Wearing a Darth Vader T-Shirt


     A not so great picture of the building close to Liberty Park off 900 south.

Baby its cold outside so put down the fatty hot chocolate and go to Barre class. Isn’t that how the song goes? Anyway this week I tried a brand new Barre studio, Xtend Barre which is a slightly better name then The Bar Method. When I walked into the studio I tried my hardest not to compare it to The Bar Method (in which I wrote a review about click here). But I couldn’t help it so I just went with it. These two barre studios have some major differences and I will list them at the end. First off the Xtend studio has a small entrance but uses its space really well. They have cubbies, seating area, and the apparel, not to mention an abundance of grippy socks which they require you to have. It makes sense since they have wood floors in the studio. The socks cost 15 dollars but I’m sure you could find cheaper socks if you looked elsewhere.

front entrance

This is how I was greeted when I walked into class on the left is the awesome receptionist whose name I can’t remember and Megan the instructor on the right!


My instructor, Megan, was great. She had a lot of energy and was so helpful to me – to the point where she would show how to do different moves next to me. She knew that I didn’t have my contacts in and the studio was bigger than I expected and I had to squint to see anything. It  made the appearance that I was glaring at people she knew. Not to mention she had a rockin bod. I know you’re not supposed to judge your instructors but it makes me think they know what they’re doing and can get me in good shape, too. Everyone in my class looked like models with their hair down, super in shape and lean. I was the fat kid in the class with my Darth Vader t-shirt heaving and stopping because the work-out made me go “ouch it burns.”


What put me in my place was when I came in and Megan the instructor told me to grab the 1 pound weights not the 2 pound weights and I gave her this look like, girl I can handle 2 pound weights I do yoga. She recommended to grab both. Guys I had to stop my arm workouts and grab the 1 pound weights and I was even looking at the 1/2 pound weights with envy.  The class was in all, a blast, so much dancing, I felt like a ballerina, a really uncoordinated ballerina who struggled to get her leg up. I was also impressed with Megan the instructor because she would call out the different ballet positions in French terms. It was impressive. The work out went like this, dance warm up, arms, legs, arms, abs, some Pilate moves on the mat, and a cool down.

Here are some differences between the Xtend Barre and The Bar Method:

Studio: Both places were super clean and friendly. I feel like Xtend Barre has more of a community all the women knew each other and didn’t make you feel awkward. Sadly, though, is Xtend Barre doesn’t have any showers or lockers which The Bar Method does.

Instructors: I’m sorry but Xtend Barre had Megan the instructor who helped me like the champ she is, instead of Sarah the Instructor at The Bar Method who would call out my name in front of everyone to tell me to fix something.

Workout: The workouts are actually quite different. The Bar Method is more of Pilates not a lot of cardio but I was so so so sore the next day. Xtend Barre has more cardio and dance which I really liked it still had a lot of Pilates elements but more cardio. My one major compliant against Xtend Barre is to have later classes some at 8:00pm but that’s a suggestion.

My officially opinion is that I like Xtend Barre more. I loved the dance element to the workout. I feel like if you want less cardio go to The Bar Method. Both places are expensive and around the same price so make sure to try both before you commit. As for me I plan to break a sweat in Plie at Xtend Barre.  If you want to try Xtend Barre, Groupon is having a special, 5 classes for only $39 dollars.

My terrible First Position and my cute grippy socks.




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