DIY Gold-Trimmed Woodland Creature Ornaments

‘Tis the season to get that adorable Christmas tree all trimmed up! I finally have an adequate amount of ornaments to cover our tree but I still like to pick out a few new ones every year. As much as I love window shopping the Anthropologie ornaments, I don’t really love their price tag and was determined to make one myself.

I teamed up with Brunette to make these stylish little ornaments that are not only a perfect fit for my rustic themed Christmas tree, they cost us all of zero dollars to make.  The perks of leftover craft supplies, right? After seeing a gold trimmed ornament at Target, Brunette was inspired. Now we can share that inspiration with you!

For this project you will need:

  1. cookie cutters
  2. clay that will air harden – we used Prang Das Air Hardening Modeling Clay
  3. rolling pin
  4. safety pins- 1 for each ornament
  5. gold paint
  6. paintbrush
  7. twine
  8. sandpaper – optional but I recommend it


The first and probably most important step is to find a project to keep your little ones occupied (If you don’t have little ones then we are slightly jealous of your ability to craft uninterrupted). I highly suggest finding an activity that mirrors what you are doing, hence the play dough.


Roll out the clay and cut out those cute little woodland animals.


Insert the safety pins in the top the ornament with the part that opens facing in. This will provide a nice little place to string your twine.


Let them harden according to the directions for the clay you are using. The  Prang clay recommends twenty-four hours so plan on this being a two part project.


Once they have hardened, it’s a good idea to go ahead and sand the edges a bit to smooth them out. Keep that sandpaper handy in case your hands aren’t super steady when you paint (me) and you get a little paint on your finger and put a giant print right in the middle of your fox (me). A little bit of sanding can take that right off.


For the edges, we went with 20K Gold paint by Martha Stewart but any color would do. We did a few coats, let them dry and hung them on the twine.


Doesn’t that squirrel look right at home nestled up next to our lumberjack?





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