O Christmas Tree

The year my husband and I got married he told me that it was a family tradition to go cut down a Christmas tree every year. Sounded awesome, so I asked him how many years they had been doing it. “Well, we did it last year…” he said. I about ridiculed him to death with the fact that doing something one time does not make it a tradition.

That was six years ago, and this year we cut down our sixth Christmas tree together, so yes, it is indeed a tradition now. And a favorite tradition, at that.

We get up super early (or at our regular time, since our alarm clock – Titan – gets us up every morning at 6:50 no matter what), load up all of our winter gear, feed the dog some car sickness medicine and head out.

We are so lucky that my husband’s relatives own some land in Wyoming and let us come up each year to cut down a tree. It is certainly not the  most cost effective way to get a Christmas tree, since we drive a couple of hours each way, but it is one of our favorite days of the year.

There is just something about being in the wilderness, where the air is clear, and the only people you see are the ones you brought with you. I love trudging through the snow and inspecting all of the trees until you find the perfect one, but nothing beats watching all of the little cousins eat snow, make snow-angels, or throw snow for the dog and laugh when she bites at it.





We sure love our tradition and hope it continues on for years to come!

What is your favorite tradition?




4 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Anna S

    M is the cutest puppy and Titans hat kills me! We went to a Christmas tree farm this year and it was so fun! It looks freeeezing in all that snow! I think my favorite tree hunt was when we drove to southern Utah to get a tree there… It was SO fun but Steve made me cut it down all by myself because it was my idea… Butt head.


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