Christmas Book Letters

Now that all of the turkeys have been carved, I feel like I can turn my thoughts to mistletoe, Christmas trees, egg nog and most importantly, my annual hunt for the perfect Christmas books for my Christmas letters.

When I was a teenager, my mom handpicked Christmas picture books to give to my sister and I. In them, she glued a letter she wrote to each of us, along with a school picture and maybe a quote or two. These books have become keepsakes for me, and so when Reuvo was born, so was a tradition.

Every year I spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing through bookstores to find the perfect Christmas books for my little girls.  I gape at the beautiful picture books full of brilliant images of super plums and nativity scenes until I find the perfect one. I write them each a letter telling them about their year, what they have accomplished and of course, how much they mean to me.


It’s pretty sappy and sentimental and each year they have gotten a little more elaborate. Reuvo’s first book just contained a handwritten letter and a few glued in pictures but the last few have become more intricate.

We pull the books out along with our other decorations and spend December rotating through them for our bedtime reading. We ooh and ahh at how much they have grown. They open their new ones Christmas Eve and we read them after we read The Christmas Story.


I wish I were a scrapbooker, but since I am not, this is a simple way for me to make them a keepsake that they will hopefully keep and read for years to come.





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