5 Places to Brunch in Salt Lake City

One of my favorite meals is to eat is BRUNCH. Being from Portland, I was raised to brunch, but coming to Salt Lake City I had to set out to find some new places. First, it took time; I have to say Salt Lake City in the past couple of years has had a restaurant renaissance. I discovered some great places. Here are my top 5 places to brunch in Salt Lake City:

5. Finn’s


I have to be honest, when I first went here I didn’t like it. I couldn’t understand the hype about this place but then I went again and tried something new- the Jule Kake French Toast. Oh holy batman it is good. They use Norwegian Christmas bread that has raisins, cinnamon, and citron. It was good (My Norwegian blood was like yessss). I also recommend when you go to a place to eat that is semi famous ask the server what the restaurant is known for that way you don’t order just a plain Jane meal and then spread blasphemous lies about how overrated the restaurant is, which it isn’t, I want to be clear.

4. The Copper Onion

copper onion

Everything is good at The Copper Onion, but my favorite is Huevos Rancheros. You have to try it. The meal comes with eggs, black beans, pulled pork, with homemade tomatillo salsa makes you go all Homer Simpson on this meal.

3. The Park Café

park cafe

I feel I love this place because of the hipster university atmosphere; all kinds of people come to this restaurant, students, hip young families and me. It’s also across the street from Liberty Park, which has a great view, plus when it’s insanely crazy busy to try to eat here, just order out and walk across the street and eat at the park. Have a brunch picnic, win, win! I love getting the omelets. You can’t lose when you order them.

2.Ruth’s Diner


Oh Ruth I wish I knew you, so we could bake your enormous delicious biscuits together. Ruth’s Diner is a rite of passage in visiting SLC, if you haven’t eaten here then you need to come back just to have the biscuits and gravy.

1. Eggs in the City

eggs in the city

This is my favorite place to brunch. I’m what you call a Biscuits and gravy expert and I have to say that they have the best in the city. What makes this the best is the gravy. The amazing homemade creamy gravy that goes over eggs, cheese, and biscuits makes me so happy. With a side of their seasoned potatoes, it is just perfection. The neighborhood location makes me feel like I’m in Portland with the cool Tudor homes and trees that line the streets surrounding the place.


I hope you guys enjoy these places and if you have any great Brunch places let us know!






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