High Fitness – the New Workout Sensation?

My gym recently started offering a new class called High Fitness, and it’s seriously like, where have you been all my life? Take Zumba, make the moves easier to follow, up the intensity, use popular songs, throw in a million jumps and squats, and boom, you have High Fitness.

Now, I still completely LOVE Zumba, but it’s fun to have a change of pace, and I honestly feel like it’s more of a workout (because it totally kicks my trash).


(this is one of the amazing teachers ^^)

What I love:

It’s a party. The songs are hip, and not to brag, but the instructors at my gym are THE BEST and make it so fun! I may be dying, but I’m dying with a smile on my face.

Body sculpting moves. From a used-to-be dancer, I desperately miss all of my body toning classes (especially ballet, with the jumping and the squats), but I don’t have the motivation to do them on my own so it is refreshing to have a class that integrates these moves into the workout for me.

Perfect mix of cardio and plyometrics. Thank goodness not every song is cardio, they also focus on arms and abs, and did I mention squats?

What I recommend if you plan on attending a class:

Bring water!!!!

Bring a sweat towel.

Wear darker pants. If you have given birth, you will know what lots of jumping can do to you, haha.

You can read more about High Fitness here on their website.

If you live in the Salt Lake area, join us for a class at the Life Centre Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM! I’d love to see you there!



**Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored in any way.


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