Le Tote: Like Borrowing from my Best Friend’s Closet

I know I recently raved about the crush I’ve had on Stitch Fix and discussed my love for any kind of shopping where I don’t have to go anywhere (you can read about that here here)  but I have to be honest, I found something new that worked its way up to the top of my “best way to get my clothes” list. It’s called Le Tote and I will admit I am hooked.*

When I realized that my desire for fixes was more often than my wallet could handle I decided I needed to try something new. Cue Le Tote. What is it? Essentially it is like borrowing clothes from a friend’s closet, a friend who is your exact size and lets you take things as often as you like, for as long as you like.

A package is sent to you that includes 3 clothing items and 2 accessories. You wear them, love them, and send them right back. Another box is styled for you and once you approve the items in it, it is sent right out to you. I usually get a box every week and a half  (depending on how long I want to keep the items) which means I am able to wear about 15 new pieces of clothing/accessories each month. Pretty awesome, right? See one of my totes below.

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Le Tote Review - Striped Skirt

Le Tote Review: Scottie Dog Top

Le Tote Review- Like a Best Friends Closet

What I Love

  1. No Laundry. Your send everything back unwashed and they take care of that for you. Need I say more?
  2. If I absolutely love something, I can buy it at a discount. To be honest, I haven’t actually done this yet. You can request to get an item again, which I have already done with the striped skirt, so I haven’t felt the need to buy yet! I like that the option is there, though.
  3. I get to create my own online closet by liking items. I feel like Cher in the movie Clueless with her amazing closet full of designer clothes, except that I don’t have to store all these clothes in my tiny closet or spend all the money to outright own them
  4. I take more risks with my clothes. Since I am only borrowing, I tend to be more open to trying out trends I might never buy. I can wear it once and if I don’t like it, send it back and not add it to my closet.
  5. I approve what is in my tote before they send it. Every tote so far they have sent me at least 2 items that I have previously “loved” and added to my closet. The key is to go on the website and browse. If they style something I know I wouldn’t wear, I can switch it out with something else. I have made an effort to try pretty much everything though. What is the harm if I only have to wear it once?
  6. I am wearing new things all the time. I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) buy all the things I am able to get from Le Tote in a month.
  7. It’s environmentally friendly. We all know that cheap fashion, while good for our wallets, is not so good when it all ends up in a landfill. This way I am essentially trying out new trends and sharing them with other people.
  8. They have maternity. I loathed buying maternity clothes that I knew my stomach would be getting too big for in a matter of weeks. If we decide to add another little one to my fam, you better believe I will be borrowing some maternity clothes!

Le Tote Review: my closet

Two months in and I am absolutely loving it. It’s a great way to supplement the pieces I already have in my closet and brings them back to life as I find things to pair my Le Tote items with. The retail value of the tote I have pictured above is $251 (you can buy it for less than that if you are a member) and I am able to get about 3 totes a month. That means if I were to buy all the clothes I have worn this month, instead of borrowing them, I would have to spend over $700. Instead, I get to try them for $49 a month. Have I mentioned that I love this? Because I love this.




While it is obvious that I will need to buy some staple items from time to time, in a strange way, Le Tote has me saving money. Since I get to borrow all of these high quality items, I am spending less overall on cheap fashion that I will just eventually get sick of or will shrink after the first wash.

If this is something you would like to try, the code below gets you $25 off your first month. If you do give it a chance, be sure to let me know what you think!

Try out Le Tote




* P.S. Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for this post and it wasn’t sponsored in any way! 


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