Alice in One-derland: The Perfect First Birthday Theme

This summer Rose turned one, and of course I was thinking about her first birthday long before I needed to. I went back and forth on a few ideas, but when I saw this adorable Alice in One-derland invite on Etsy from AbbieLee Designs, I was instantly smitten. Those dainty little teacups and big blooms seemed perfect for my little Rose.

Alice in One-derland Invite: AbbieLee Designs on Etsy

I wish I had even a smidgen of the talent this woman has, but I don’t, so I will leave the invite making to the experts!

Using my favorite party planning tool in the world, Pinterest, I was able to put together a pretty inexpensive Alice in One-derland party in my back yard. Check out Three Whims Pinterest board if you want to see some of the fabulous pinners who inspired this party. Seriously, Pinterest, where in the world were you when I was planning my wedding?

Must Haves for a Perfect Alice in One-derland Birthday Party

This Way, That Way Sign

Alice in Wonderland- Birthday Party Sign

This sign is both a perfect nod to the story and a perfect way to let your guests know they are at the right place.

Playing Card Garland

Rose and Papa - Playing Card Garland

I purchased the oversized playing cards from the dollar store and used some string I already had to make the playing card garlands to hang from the tree. It turned out to be quite functional since it she made her Papa hold her so she could play with it for quite some time.

Down the Rabbit Hole Sign

Alice in One-derland First Birthday Theme - Down the Rabbit Hole Sign

Ginger bought the wooden frame for another event and didn’t need it anymore so I snatched it from her for the “down the rabbit hole” sign. It was black, so I bought some gold Martha Stewart paint to switch it up.

Plenty of Things that say “Eat me” or “Drink me”

Alice in One-derland- Rose First Smash Cake   Alice in Wonderland Party - Eat me mini cake

The tiny “eat me” cakes were a splurge since cake decorating is not exactly my thing either. I just emailed the invite to the baker at the downtown Salt Lake City Harmon’s for her to try to match. They even provide a free smash cake for little ones.


Three Whims: Alice in One-derland First Birthday Theme

My grandmother passed away just after Rose was born and the teapots on the tables were hers. I thought it was a nice way to include her.


I found some plastic pink flamingos at Zurchers to attach them upside down to my dad’s croquet set. I saw some options on Pinterest to use the pink flamingos you put in your yard and drill holes through them to put on the mallet (is that even what you call it, Croquet experts?) but I found some flat plastic ones instead and just taped them on. It was less work, and far less expensive. Apparently, I was not on the ball with this one, though,  because I didn’t manage to get a single picture of the kids playing it!

Alice in Wonderland Dress

Alice in Wonderland- First Birthday Party

I wanted her dress to look “Alice in Wonderland” without being an actual costume and I found this little lace dress at H&M. It was perfect for the party, but also completely re-usable. It was a miracle she actually kept that headband on through the whole party.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Letting my older daughter, Reuvo, throw her own Mad Hatter tea party in her clubhouse was the perfect way to include her in the party and keep her entertained. My nephews were such good sports…

Rose and Titan  Alice in Wonderland Party- Present Opening

As much fun as it was for me to plan this party for my littlest girl, it was even more fun to celebrate her incredible first year of life with our family and friends. After all, that’s really what it is about!

Rose's Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party - Family Pic




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