Oh holy sore Batman, Barre is hard.

First thing I should say about myself is that I get bored easily, especially with working out. I go through phases with different work outs and am constantly looking for the next thing. I have done a lot of things, including Zumba but I’m a horrible dancer. Brunette is really the dancing Zumba Queen.

Blondie is my main fitness partner. We usually do yoga together but like me she gets bored too, so we decided to try something else. We decided to try The Bar Method in Sugarhouse off of  2100 South. Like I stated, I can’t dance because apparently you need rhythm to do it, which I discovered that I don’t have from my 9 year old dance days doing jazz classes.  I wanted to be a professional break dancer and my mom said no to the break dancing classes and signed me up for Jazz. I’m totally sure if I did break dancing first I would have found out that I’m an amazing dancer but that’s in the past now.

In the present the little girl in me got excited to try Barre, a ballet type workout mixing Pilates and dance with the goal of getting a lean slim looking body much like a ballerina.   Having not done a barre class I had no idea what to really expect and the first class is free so I had nothing to lose.

My first suggestion when taking this class is to wear grip socks. The room that it takes place in is carpeted so I was slipping everywhere during class. The other thing they do during the class is call out your name to help correct what you’re doing wrong. The instructor does this to everyone with her microphone but it felt like my name was getting called every 30 seconds. “Ginger pull your leg up an inch more”, Ginger back straight”, “Ginger bend your leg to a 90 degree angle”.

Overall the workout was stupidly hard. I guess maybe I didn’t feel like it was hard during it because I must have blacked out in the leg section (seriously hardest leg work out ever).  I was sore for a solid week in places I didn’t know existed. I understand now how people get so fit so quickly doing this workout. They even provided bath salts and recommended a good soak which would have been great if i had a bath tub.

I would recommend this place, it’s clean, it’s friendly, after a while you got use to them calling out your name, and I got a great workout. I haven’t been back since because it is a little expensive and before I get a punch card Blondie and I want to try one more barre place before we decide. I promise to do the review on the next Barre place. Until then I’m doing some yoga. What do you guys like do to get a great work out?




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