Stitch Fix: My Personal Shopper in a Box

So it’s confession time. I hate shopping for my clothes. I know this is almost blasphemous coming from a former retail manager, but the thought of wandering through a mall trying on clothes makes my skin crawl. Maybe its because I have two children I generally have to bring along or maybe its because I have limited free time and would rather not spend it shopping. Whatever the reason, when I heard whisperings of this magical online personal shopper called Stitch Fix that sends you a box of handpicked items as often as you want, I ran to a computer to sign up.
Three Whims: Rose Checking out my Stitch Fix

You are probably wondering how it works. It is relatively painless. You go to their website and fill out a profile detailing size, body type, preferred style etc. When you schedule a fix, you send a message to your personal shopper telling her what you want for this box. They charge you a $20 styling fee when they put your box together, but don’t worry, if you end up keeping something that $20 goes towards the purchase of your item or items.

Things I Love

The fit of the pants has been spot on almost every time. As my husband can tell you, this is about as close to a miracle as you can get for me. We have literally spent whole days in the search for pants and have come up empty handed. My first box came with a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and my husband said he didn’t care what the price was, I had to buy them.

Stich Fix Review DL1961 Skinny Jean

I can set my own price range for the items. I will be honest, I went a bit high for my first box and couldn’t keep it all. You get a 20% discount if you keep all five items but the total was still a little to high for this mom. For the next box I adjusted the price and while I could tell the quality wasn’t quite as high, I was still sent things that I loved.

No endless wandering from store to store.

What I am getting is a surprise so it feels a little bit like Christmas every few months.

The cards that show you how to style your items are incredibly helpful. Now that I am not working in the fashion industry I feel pretty out of touch so these help me by showing me ways to style my items so it doesn’t feel repetitive when I wear them.

Style Cards


Have an open mind. If you go into it wanting very specific things, you might be disappointed. I believe you can tell your stylist if there is a specific stitch fix item you have seen that you would like, but I have yet to try it. I may do it next time with a pair of pants I got in this last box. The fit was phenomenal, but the print…not so much. They are going back but maybe I can get them again in a print that fits better into my wardrobe.

Link your style Pinterest board. It’s just another way for your stylist to have an idea of what you like. The more they know about your style, the more successful they will be at picking things out for you.

If you send something back, be very detailed about why. That way your stylist can get it right the next time. Sadly, my most recent box was not my favorite and I will be sending everything back but one item. I noticed, though, that I have a new stylist so it might take a box or two to get it right. As long as there is one piece in there that I want to keep, it is worth the effort.

Skies are Blue CardiganLook by M Scarf

If you are like me and love the idea of having your own stylist, it is definitely worth a shot! Try it out and let me know what you think.

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