Craftin it Up: Halloween Edition

With Halloween 11 days from now, I have lacked in the décor department and I can be very picky about my décor. I don’t want it to be tacky and cheap and, well, it’s hard for me to find stuff that I like so I resort to making my own. I love the Day of the Dead with the skulls and colorful flowers.  I wanted to make a vase skull with colorful flowers. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I could visualize it in my head- does any one else have this problem? So I set out to make it, remembering that Walmart had a great plastic inexpensive skull that would cost me less than $4.


The first thing I did was use a serrated knife that I heated up from the stove, remember that it’s hot, this allows for the knife to go through the hard plastic, and cut an opening and it wasn’t difficult skullYou get what you pay for with spray paint and you have to watch the labels make sure that you buy a spray paint that allows you to spray plastic.  I always go for the Krylon brand which Walmart sells. I was surprised by Walmart’s large color selection I got black in the satin finish; I’m not a fan of a shiny finish.When it was dry it looked amazing.

spray paint

I wanted to do a lot of different color flowers, but I love the way the red color pops out and if you want to use live flowers just put a small cup of water the opening since it is large enough to allow it.  This his craft project cost me less than $10 and will be a great addition to my cool Halloween collection.
vase 2




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