How to watch Netflix in Spanish

I try my best not to let Titan watch “shows” but like most moms, I have my breaking points. Usually when one of us is sick (which has been happening an awful lot lately – thanks a bunch, flu season). Luckily, I feel slightly less guilty about letting him watch something if it is in Spanish.

Disclaimer- of course, I don’t think he will learn Spanish on his own from watching movies (children need a human being to interact with to really pick up on a language, which he actually has since half of the people in my family, including the husband,  can speak Spanish fluently) and I don’t advocate letting your children watch television or movies. But as a last resort, which we all need at some point, here is how I justify some movie time for the little:

  1. Select the movie or TV show you want to play.
  2. Select Audio & Subtitles from the options panel.
  3. Select “Spanish” or “Spanish (5.1)”
  4. Press Back to return to the options panel.
  5. Select Play.

Now, not every Blu-ray player, smart TV, etc. is the same, so there may be a little difficulty in finding the audio and subtitles menu depending on how you access Netflix. The “Kids” profile in Netflix is also a little bit… special. When using the “Kids” profile via our Xbox, I can just use the down arrow at any time to go to the audio and subtitles menu. On my phone, I can tap the screen and the audio and subtitles icon is available in the upper right-hand corner (next to the volume), so you may need to fiddle around a little bit before you can find how to change things.

Now that I’ve given you the power of the Spanish Netflix, don’t abuse it! Play with your kiddos!




2 thoughts on “How to watch Netflix in Spanish

  1. Anna S

    Sweet! I really want my girl to learn Spanish but I don’t speak it… Her aunt does though! But maybe this’ll help her get used to hearing another language! And maybe I should learn, too…


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