Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farm

My sister and I start talking about taking our gaggle of girls to Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farms long before the chill of fall sets in. It’s a tradition we started back when our oldest girls were barely toddling around and we have stuck with it, even with the inevitable price hike that comes when something becomes more popular.

Gaggle of Girls at Wheeler Farms

Now that I think about it, it really could be that there wasn’t a price hike so much as we now have more kids to pay for these days. Anyhoo…

Wheeler Farm- Pumpkin Days

There are three things your admission gets you, a hay ride, a corn maze, and a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch. Pretty sure those bad boys are brought in and not actually grown at Wheeler Farms but my 16 month old doesn’t know the difference so I am okay with that.

Stash of Pumpkins - Rose at Wheeler Farms

The corn maze is perfect for little ones, it is definitely not one you have to worry about anyone getting lost in by any means. A few wrong turns here and there and you are out. After we went through once, we sent our two oldest girls back through and I am pretty sure it took them a whole three minutes to get out on their own. Like I said, perfect for the little ones…

Stroll through the Corn Maze - Wheeler Farm

This year Utah weather is not cooperating with our love for crispy October air. Instead of sweaters, scarves and pumpkin spiced lattes, we could have been wearing shorts and flip-flops. I won’t lie, this put a little bit of a damper on our day. My sister an I are apparently wimps when we overheat, and there is a chance that most of the whining came from us, not our toddlers.

Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farms- Blondie and Sis

After about an hour in the direct sun, our little ones in the long sleeves were struggling with the heat. I promise those shirts were weather appropriate in the morning when it was sixty degrees! We decided to bag the hay ride and bring our tickets back to try again later in the month, you know when it actually feels like fall.

Wheeler Farm - Blondie and Hubs



P.S. Although the weather so far hasn’t felt particularly fall-ish, I must say my husband’s coveted red beard certainly does!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farm

  1. Anna S

    Your wheeler farm trip was much more successful than mine! We read the website wrong and showed up as it was closing… Didn’t even get a pumpkin! Looks fun!


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