A Ghostly Tour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! Okay, let me state first off that Halloween/Autumn is my favorite season. There is something about pumpkins, witchy nights, sweater weather and colorful leaves makes me excited about life.  Every year I try to do something new whether it’s trying out a new haunted house, making a new pumpkin recipe, or a new activity to celebrate the season. This year my new activity was going on the Grimm Ghost tours. It’s $25 per person and tours are Thursday thru Saturday every week throughout the year but I find that you will get more ghostly activity during Halloween or so I thought bum bum bum.


My experience on the tour exceeded my expectations. I invited my amazing cousin who shall be called Bruce. Bruce tends to be willing to go with me on activities that most of friends wouldn’t want to go on. bus

Enter if you Dare

Our tour guide was the famous Lola Botomy who was an incredible story teller. Grimm Ghost tours has three different tours and I chose the inner city tour that went from Rio Grande, SLC cemetery, Shiloh Inn, and much more. We were given paranormal instruments including a compass, paranormal/dowsing rods, emc meter etc., to help detect the paranormal. We not only were shown different locations where ghosts can be found but heard about local legend’s such as Emo, Emily Olsen, the Purple Lady, and many more. They told stories of the sightings of ghosts and the identity of the ghost and the history of who they were. rods

We used the instruments especially the paranormal/dowsing rods that are controlled by spirits. When the rods cross over each other that means yes and when they separate it’s a no. Well apparently the spirits control it, but I controlled it as well so when Bruce and I asked them questions such “Is Bruce a nerd?” it was a yes.


Do you see the ghost in the picture I took? JK its me

Despite my fellow travelers who apparently caught orbs on their camera (they looked like dust particles to me)  I have to say I never felt any paranormal activity or scared at any time in the tour…maybe my cousin got a little scared. I highly recommend this tour and I plan on going on the other tours in the future.




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