Two Boards in Sand Hollow

This past weekend, us three restless ladies were able to enjoy a warm getaway to St. George, Utah. For those of you outside of Utah, St. George is the place many of us from up north flock to when the cold starts to set it. The red rock scenery is breathtaking and if you are an outdoor enthusiast (or fake ones like Ginger and I) there is always plenty to do. After we hiked Three Ponds, which Ginger posted about HERE, we needed another activity.

Three Whims- Sand Hollow Reservoir

Brunette suggested Sand Hollow Reservoir with a disclaimer that we had a  7% chance of getting swimmers itch (don’t even look that one up because you don’t really want to know). We decided to chance it, so we could enjoy what might be our last time on a beach for this year

I have spent time on white sandy beaches, rocky beaches, and everything in between, but I will admit that a red beach was a first for me.

While Brunette spent some time on the beach, Ginger and I decided to rent a few stand up paddle boards so we could explore the water. It was Ginger’s first time on one, and my second so we figured it would be pretty comical.

Three Whims- Sand Hollow Reservoir SUP

We actually did fairly well with only a few close calls falling in. Well, ok, I did fall/jump in once but in my defense it was when I was trying to do yoga on the board so will I cut myself some slack. I will say, though, that I rocked that crow pose.

Sand Hollow- SUP Yoga crow pose

At one point, Ginger disregarded the whole stand up paddle boarding thing and decided to sit. Whatever works, right?

Sand Hollow Reservoir SUP

If you are in the St. George area, I would recommend heading out to Sand Hollow State Park. We left without the swimmers itch and with new confidence in our SUP skills. Just be warned that you will be finding red sand in random places long after you’ve left!

Three Whims- Sand Hollow Reservoir




2 thoughts on “Two Boards in Sand Hollow

  1. Anna S

    Ooh I miss St. George! I love paddleboarding, that looks SO fun! And nice crows pose, I have a hard time standing so that’s impressive! No swimmers itch? 😉


    1. threewhims

      Luckily no swimmers itch! I am a newbie at paddle boarding but so far I am a big fan. Any favorite places you like to paddle board? I know the season is winding down for that, but I will be looking for new places in the spring!


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