Three Friends Hike Three Ponds

There is something mesmerizing about St. George, Utah that’s why many people tend to have winter homes in this sunny area.  With the beautiful climate and awesome back drops of the mountains, it is any outdoor enthusiasts dream.

Blondie, Brunette and I decided to take a weekend away to the sunny climate for a goodbye summer hoorah. Personally I have only been to St. George once and that was for three hours and didn’t see much of the place. The one thing that surprised me was that St. George is surprisingly big with a small town feel. We had Brunette as our tour guide to advise us of all things awesome from dining at Pancho & Lefty’s (yummy), to burning popcorn, to going on a hike of epic proportions.

hike landscapeIt was decided that we would go to Snow Canyon State Park to hike the famous Three Ponds Trail- random fact this canyon was used in the filming of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It costs $6 per car to enter the park and is just a short drive to the beginning of the trail. The hike is considered a beginner to intermediate level. I found the hardest part was that most of the hike was in sand and it would fill your shoes.  I stopped three times during the hike to empty out what seemed to be a cup of sand per shoe.

sarah looks happy picture


At the end of hike there was this tiny little pond, I mean it was little no bigger than a hot tub, that had a green tint to it. We saw some young people putting their feet in it; it was gross like come on guys think of the bacteria in it. We also climbed over some rocks and found a second pond, but not the third. I’m sure if we did some more climbing we could have found it. Overall the hike had amazing views and you didn’t see many people on the trails. It gave an untouched feeling in the landscape. At some points, I expected Native Americans and Cowboys to come up riding on horses.  Just remember to bring lots of water and do some awesome yoga hike




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