Utah State Fair – a love affair

One of my favorite fall traditions is the Utah State Fair. The love affair started 6 years ago with our engagement photo shoot by the talented Lindsey Stewart with Green Apple Photography.

And we have been in love with the fair ever since… and with each other, too. So six years later, I feel like I can say that the Utah State Fair and I are no longer newlyweds, and that I may have some credibility in giving my recommendations, so here you go.

  1. Buy your tickets online or at Smith’s in advance (you save $2 a ticket –  we neglected to do this and now we are out $4 like a pair of suckers)
  2. Bring your own water. This year is the first year that I have remembered to do so, and I am so glad I did because then I didn’t spend $4 on water (so I guess the fair and I are even now?)
  3. Eat a roasted turkey leg –  they are pricey (this year they were $12!) but well worth it
  4. Don’t get tricked into paying to look at the tiniest woman alive or whatever phenomenal sounding person they are advertising over the loudspeakers (this year it was a lady with the head of a woman and the body of an ugly snake) because even though the money will probably help to feed their family in India, you will feel like a terrible person forever for even peeking around the corner at them. Don’t do it.
  5. Take your little one to the petting zoo (they have all sorts of adorable baby farm animals)
  6. Bring hand sanitizer (for after the petting zoo)
  7. Wander the local photography competition (second floor of the big barn)
  8. And most important – EAT A FRIED SNICKERS BAR – they taste like melted chocolate heaven and will keep you coming back to the fair for years to come (this year the price was $5 and they are usually sold near the little theater section in the fried fish food cart)

Here are some photos of our 2015 Utah State Fair adventure.

State Fair

(photo cred: Spencer Cook)

State Fair State Fair

State FairState Fair State FairState FairState Fair




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